Astronomer Bob Berman’s schedule

Astronomer Bob Berman maintains a busy schedule of appearances, talks, lectures, etc., plus every Sunday Morning, 9:34 AM: Berman’s Strange Universe is on, live streaming, or 90.3, 90.9 FM.

See and Hear Bob Berman in 2018

  • August 12: Mohonk Mountain House; Night of the Shooting Stars
  • Sept 7-9: Speaker — Connecticut Star Party
  • September 23: Equinox Over Mohonk; Reservations: (845) 255-1000
  • October: Release of Newest Little-Brown Book: Earth-Shattering! Supernovae, Galactic Collisions, Nuclear Meltdowns and Earthly Mayhem That Shook Our Universe
  • December 21: Winter Solstice at Mohonk; reservations: (845) 255-1000