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Astronomer Bob Berman’s schedule

Astronomer Bob Berman maintainsa busy schedule of appearances, talks, lectures, etc., which is excerpted here. Every Sunday Morning, 9:34 AM: Berman’s Strange Universe on, live streaming, or 90.3, 90.9 FM.

Aurora Borealis, Alaska

Video from last month’s Alaska Northern Lights Tour. Berman Astronomy Tours has successfully taken hundreds to see the Northern Lights, since 1998. Join us next February –!

Views of Aurora Borealis in central Alaska, March 19, 2015 at midnight, during the Old Farmer’s Almanac annual Northern Lights Tour. Videographer and Tour director: Anjali Bermain; Voices: Astronomer Bob Berman, and Anjali Bermain.

Some Bob Berman appearances for 2015:

  • (March 16 – 31 – see video, join us next Feb): Alaska Northern Lights Tour.
  • May 6: Mohonk Mountain House: Romance in the Sky (845) 255-1000
  • May 1, 8, 15, 22, 2015 : Friday Astronomy Workshops. Only $80 total. Ph: (845) 679-0785
  • Aug 11-13: Night of the Shooting stars; Mohonk Mountain House (845) 255-1000
  • September 30-Oct 2: Idea Festival, Louisville, KY
  • November 1: Exploring the Southern Skies in Chile (845) 901-7049
  • Dec 3: Romance in the Sky, Mohonk Mountain House (845) 255-1000
    Mohonk Mountain House "MohonkHouse" by Mwanner at
    Mohonk Mountain House “MohonkHouse” by Mwanner at