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What they’re saying about “The Sun’s Heartbeat”

Berman’s pitch-perfect book goes a long way to answering the questions you thought were too dumb to ask, but it does much more than simply provide facts….Berman is a master storyteller, whose passion and enthusiasm for astronomy has served the public well for decades….Read this and you will never look at the sun in the same way again.”
(New Scientist )

A good read….light-hearted….[and] fun…Above all, the author’s enthusiasm for science shines through.”
(Wall Street Journal)

A deeply enjoyable book…[Berman] comes across as the world’s most enthusiastic science teacher….[who] writes ‘everything about the sun is either amazing or useful.’ It’s hard not to enjoy a book when someone says that and does their cheerful best to back it up.”
(Washington Post )

We won’t take the Sun for granted any longer if astronomy popularizer Berman…has anything to say about it….’Everything about the Sun is either amazing or useful,’ Berman writes, and then proves it, without a doubt.”
(Publisher’s Weekly )

A quick, smart and colorful biography of ‘yon flaming orb.’”
(Kirkus Reviews )

“An engaging consciousness-raiser that entertains as it informs about our neighborhood nuclear furnace.”

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Every Sunday Morning, 9:34 AM: Berman's Strange Universe on, live streaming, or 90.3, 90.9 FM.
  • November 20: Mohonk Mountain House, "Romance in the Sky."
  • December 4: Live one-hour radio appearance, WAMC-FM, 2-3 PM
  • December 5: Talk, "Where is the Universe?" for the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Ottawa
  • March 17 and March 24: Two Northern Lights Tours (see
  • November, 2015: Join Us in Chile! Bob's favorite Tour!