Bob Berman,Skyman Bob, astronomer and author.

Bob Berman’s Strange Universe

Bob Berman,Skyman Bob, astronomer and author.
Photo credit: Phil Kamrass, c. Albany Times-Union

Welcome to Bob Berman’s website. Here you’ll find comments and posts by Bob’s readers, an ability to quickly contact him, a few astro-photos, and a few of his articles. He does respond to all reader mail. This website only gets his occasional attention, but it is updated, albeit at a glacial pace. Keep checking back.

Discover Magazine, Astronomy Magazine, The Old Farmers Almanac

Bob Berman is one of the best-known and most widely-read astronomers in the world. He is perhaps uniquely able to translate complex scientific concepts into language that is understandable to the casual observer yet meaningful to the most advanced. His dry, edgy wit engages readers of such diverse publications as Discover Magazine, Astronomy Magazine, and The Old Farmers Almanac. He is the author of eight books, and is the astronomer for SLOOH, the community observatory. His newest book is Zoom, How Everything Moves.

52 thoughts on “Bob Berman’s Strange Universe”

  1. Sir, your article “Just a coincidence ” excited my imagination. Phenomena, you describes, can, similarly to the blackness of sky, have a profound cosmological meaning and surely have. They can prove that we live in a Multiverse or that reality consists of many layers or what we percept is a one of possible intersections of it. It would be reason of unexpected coincidences. Positions of islands can be completely understandable not knowing underlying them a mount.
    Another very interesting question is problem a spaceship at or even below an event horizon of a black hole. It seems that crucial meaning there has mass of the black hole. Acceleration at vicinity of the even horizon of a having trillions mass of the Sun hole would be quite small, rendering possibility to stand on the fire even below its event horizon. Yet, achieving the event horizon, not speaking of the interior of the black hole, by the spaceship would take infinite time for outer observers(for travelers the time is finite), so, the world in which they live would disappear. It is question: whether before eternity the black hole would evaporate, potentially destroying the spaceship because smaller black holes are deathly because of tidal forces.

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