Astronomer Bob Berman’s schedule

Astronomer Bob Berman maintainsa busy schedule of appearances, talks, lectures, etc., which is excerpted here. Every Sunday Morning, 9:34 AM: Berman’s Strange Universe on, live streaming, or 90.3, 90.9 FM.

Mohonk Mountain House "MohonkHouse" by Mwanner at

Mohonk Mountain House “MohonkHouse” by Mwanner at

  • November 20: Mohonk Mountain House, “Romance in the Sky.”
  • December 4: Live one-hour radio appearance, WAMC-FM, 2-3 PM
  • December 5: Talk, “Where is the Universe?” for the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Ottawa
  • March 17 and March 24: Two Northern Lights Tours (see
  • November, 2015: Join Us in Chile! Bob’s favorite Tour!

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